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Project PPE

     Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, is what healthcare workers rely on to protect themselves and minimize exposure from communicable diseases.  The healthcare workers that Lisa and Lauren worked alongside at Kawolo Hospital often care for patients presenting with various contagious illnesses such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, HIV/AIDs and cholera where PPE is required in order to provide safe care. It is often a common occurrence for the supply of gloves and aprons to run out with no other supply available.  Healthcare workers are left unprotected and at risk of getting themselves, their families and other patients sick.


     With the ongoing threat that COVID-19 has posed worldwide, the need for PPE is now greater than ever. Led by our In-Country Director Amos, PULSE International has started Project PPE in order to provide reusable aprons and masks for the staff at Kawolo Hospital.  Not only were materials purchased locally within Uganda, but local tailors were sourced in order to make all PPE.  The goal is to not only provide the healthcare workers with the supplies needed to protect themselves, but to also support the local markets and villagers.  


     The need for PPE within Kawolo Hospital will always be there. Please click below to donate and help PULSE continue to provide the healthcare workers in Uganda with the equipment they need. 

Local tailors, under the guidance and direction from Country Director Amos, work diligently to sew over 250 aprons and masks to be distributed to each staff member at Kawolo Hospital.

Nurses of Kawolo Hospital wearing the donated aprons and masks while they work.  Now more than ever, providing appropriate PPE to healthcare workers is extremely important so that patients and staff can stay safe.



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