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Project Zambia

PULSE International has joined with The Spirit of Paul McGirr, a non-profit organization based in Northern Ireland currently working with a community in Lusaka, Zambia. The organization's primary focus has been on education and nutrition and is responsible for building a local school and nutrition center.  The partnership between PULSE and The Spirit of Paul McGirr will allow for the medical needs of those people in the poorest part of Lusaka to be met. 

Together, PULSE and The Spirit of Paul McGirr have collected several pieces of medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds that will be shipped to Zambia. In association with the University Hospital of Zambia, PULSE will redistribute the supplies to where they are needed most.

Pictured left to right: Michael McGirr of the Spirit of Paul McGirr with Lisa Armour and Lauren Huber of PULSE International .  Medical supplies for the Children's Hospital in Lusaka are collected for shipment including a fetal heart rate monitor, incubator and infant ventilator. 

Medical supplies that would otherwise go to waste are collected, boxed and ready to ship. Over 100kg/200lbs will be sent out with the next shipping container organized  by The Spirit of Paul McGirr and reach those in Lusaka, Zambia. 

Wheelchairs, walkers and therapy beds donated to PULSE from hospitals across Northern Ireland will be upcycled and used to equip clinics within Zambia.

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